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Curtain Measuring Guide

All curtains come as a pair in a pack with the exception of a door curtain that is sold as a single curtain usually in the widths of 46 inches 117cm. and 66 inches 167cm. with a drop of 84 inches 213cm.
Going back to the pairs of curtains a good guide line to advise the width of the curtains to purchase is to forget there is a pair of curtains in the pack.
Measure the area you wish to cover, remember the track will be wider than the window and then choose the size curtains about the same size as your measurment or larger,
The first size in a curtain measurment is the width, by ignoring you have a pair of curtains in a pack you will end up with a nice lot of gather for that finnished look
The second size on a pair of curtains is the drop or length, Like 54 inchs 137cm this usally allows you to reach the window ledge, 72 inch 183cm reaches three quarters down the wall and 90 inches 229cm lower than the floor, should you wish to have them shortened to brush the floor we can do this for you.


When ordering a Valance for your curtains the following aplies
Curtains 44 inches to 66 inches wide choose a Valance 132 inches or 3 widths
Curtains 66 inches to 90 inches choose a Valance 230 inchs or 5 widths
For Curtains over 90 inches wide choose a valance as wide as you can get like a 7 width, you can of course go wider for that fuller look on smaller sizes of Curtains.

Duvet Covers and Matching Curtains

We can of course shorten the matching curtains for you that match the duvet covers in our Duvet cover section, They usualy come as 72 inch drop as standard

Kids Curtains and Duvet Covers

Need the Childrens Curtains Shortened ?

We can do those as well.




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