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We are a family owned business with 4 shops, one in Tiverton in Devon the 2nd in Wellington in Somerset the 3rd in Castle Cary in Somerset and another in Crewkerne also in Somerset We started our first shop in Tiverton in 1978 it was previously a Olivers shoe shop and at the back was a cafe that had been closed for 10 years called the Coffee Bean that was very deralict, whilst Judy my wife and our first assistant Jaquie ran the shop I renovated the cafe and turned it into the shop making it more than twice the size, we sure needed the room by then. About 5 years later we bought a shop futher down the road it had the wool shop and the cake shop in between, the girls loved walking past or into the cake shop going between the 2 shops, Our local customers soon christened the 2 shops the Top Shop and the Bottom Shop.                                                                             

We seem to do things in fives and five years later we bought the old Courts furniture store in Wellington and then later our shop in Castle Cary, incidently Castle Cary is one of a few Towns where you can pile up your goods on the pavements like in the old days, About 4 years ago a large pub chain bought the wool and cake shops in between our 2 Tiverton shops and gutted them to turn it into a night club but there was a snag, they could not get a licence so sold it to us instead. We have just finished knocking everything into one large shop and our local customers are getting lost in the new large store as is our staff so we have issued 2 way radioes to them all. Our latest new area is a large craft area which our local customers and visitors from afar are loving. With the demise of Woolworths that is when we bought there old store in Crewkerne.                                                  

Why have we opened this web store you may be asking yourselves? It is probably our holiday maker customers who come to see us when they come down to Somerset and Devon for that well earned break, The most common remarks we get are "We havn`t got a shop like yours where we come from can you open one up for us". We would like to but that is impossible so we thought this would be a great alternative. We apologise for the fact we are learning and the site is still under construction and we are a long way from getting our 50,000 lines on.

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