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Site Map:


- Curtains
- Nets and Voiles
- Duvet Covers and Sets
- Kids Duvet Covers
- Baby Bedding
- Sheets and Pillowcases
- Towels
- Bedding
     - Blankets and Throws
     - Mattress Covers
- Socks
     - Mens
     - Ladies
     - Childrens
- Magnetic Therapy
- Bath
We have a great range of Towels both plain and patterned, the Egyptian combed Cotton at 600grms. is a beauty, and at our prices is a great buy, the Bath Sets are in a big Range of colours and match t
     - Bath Mat Sets
The Bath Mat Sets are two piece with a Bath mat and Pedastal Mat these are a great Quality and at a Cheap Discount Price. Our seperate Bath and Pedastal Mats match the colou
     - Shower Curtains
Our Shower Curtains come in a range of plain with a frill and without and a new range of patterned that has just arrived in Textile and pvc. All our Shower Curtains are at a super Discount Price
- Housewares
Cookware to entice, Bakeware to die for and Ovenware to cry for. We try and make Housewares as Interesting for the cook and the novice alike
     - Cookware
     - Flexible Ovenware
Non-stick right through. No peeling. Withstands temperatures -40C (-40F) to 260C (500F) - gas mark 9. Easy to store - roll it/squeeze it. No transference of taste, flavour or smell. Ideal for setti
     - Poachers
     - Bakeware
We have a great selection for the discerning cooks and for the complete beginers all at Discount Prices.
     - Flexible Bakeware
This Cordon Bleu Flexible Bakeware is Non-stick right through. No peeling. Withstands temperatures -40C (-40F) to 260C (500F) - gas mark 9. Easy to store - roll it/squeeze it. No transference of t
     - Vitreous Enamel
These Vitreous Enamel utensils will brighten any kitchen as well as being superb products.
     - Scales and Timers
A nice range from Salter with Discount prices to suit all budgets.
     - Gadgets and Tools
Here are a selection of Gadgets and Tools we are adding to the range all the time.
     - Tea Towels
Our Tea Towels are a great quality at a discount price.
     - Table Ware
     - Cling Foil Parchment
Big range of Baking Parchment including Catering Parchment along with Greaseproof Paper,the cooks essential piece of equipment, we have multipurpose Cling Film and Catering Cling Film and of co
- Bar Accessories
- Hobby @ Craft
In our Hobby department we do a big range of Craft including Card Making and Scrapbooking. Our stores do and even bigger range of Craft . If you are in the area please come and see us,
- Candles.
Candles Candles are fun, Candles are in, Candles are inspirational This is just the begining, we have loads to put on. All we need is time so please keep returning it will be worth it.
- Clothes
 We have a great range of Underwear, and socks for Ladies, Men and Children of all ages, the quality and designs are great and we are adding to the range all the time.
     - Ladies Underwear
 Be a happy Lady try our packs of Pants.
     - Mens Underwear
We have Pants,Boxers, and a great range of thermal Long Johns, Short and Long sleeve T Shirt Vests and Pjamas
     - Childrens
We have so much childrens clothes in our shops that I am amazed at how the girls manage to display it all, We are making efforts to put loads on to our site of trousers, tops, two piece suits, jackets,socks,and tights
     - Baby
     - Boys
     - Girls
- Pet Care
     - Pet Beds
     - Wild Bird

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